Sony UP-51MD and Sony UP-51MDU Color Video Printer

The Sony UP-51MD and UP-51MDU printers are medical grade printers that use dye sublimation printer technology. It produces extremely high resolution prints with a quick print time of 20 seconds. It delivers incredible print speed, accurate print counts, easy color setup and exceptional print quality. Long lasting, reliable image reproduction is possible with the new highly durable print head and engine enhancements.

The printer features 295 dpi with 16 million color variations and on screen display of remaining ribbon/print counts. The UP-51MDU features 4 MB of memory and the UP-51MD has 8 MB of memory.

Sony offers two types of print media for the Sony UP-51MD(U) printers; Sony UPC-510 and UPC-540. The UPC-510 is standard and the UPC-540 is self laminating. Both types of media offer high quality, curl free print reproduction on a paper size of 5 7/8" x 8 3/8". Buy the UPC-510 right here by clicking on the link below.

The printers offer RGB, s-video and composite inputs. They offer remote control capability via a foot switch (FS-20), RS232C or remote control (RM5500).

Buy some UPC-510 now or to find out more information on the printer, click here for the Sony UP-51MD and UP-51MDU brochure.

Sony UPC-510 Color Paper and Ribbon for $170.00 per box of 200 prints

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