Sony UPC-21L
Printing Paper

Sony UPC-21L paper works with the UP-20, UP-21MD and UPD-21MD printers.

We have a special price on the UP-D21MD and UP-21MD printers. While they last we are selling the UP-21MD for $1250 and the UP-D21MD for $1000. Call for more details at 707-887-2974.

The UPC-21L is a 5" x 4" paper size that offers 400dpi and prints in just 20 seconds using one of the previously mentioned medical grade printers. It is ideally suited for ultrasound, dental applications and microscopy. It has a printed life of 30 years and is curl-free. Each pack contains 200 sheets and 4 ribbons. Also available is the Sony UPC-21S. This is a smaller size paper that also works with the A6 series medical grade color printers.

Only $103.50 for a box of 200 prints.

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Sony UPC-21L and other Printer Paper

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