Sony UP-D21MD
digital color printer
$1000 - 1 year warranty

The Sony UP-D21MD Digital Color Printer is the ideal choice for the endoscopy and ultrasound markets.

At just 8 3/8" wide, the UP-D21MD will help to free up space on medical carts and allows for easy integration.

Although small in size, the UP-D21MD printer offers a wide variety of features. The UP-D21MD printer has a native USB interface for easy hook up with digital systems.

Using Sony’s Dye Sublimation printing technology, the UP-D21MD produces near A6 size prints with approximately 400dpi in less than 20 seconds, using UPC-21S media.

New Slim Compact Design - Ideal for Medical Carts; Easily Integrated

■ Excellent Print Quality with Sony’s Dye Sublimation Printing Technology with 403 dpi resolution

■ Native USB Interface (version 1.1)

■ High Speed Printing - 19 Seconds using Sony Color Print Media - UPC-21S (in high speed mode)

■ Resize-To-Fit Feature allows user to enlarge image

■ Gray Balance Adjustment capability

■ Worldwide Power and Video Capability

■ Convenient Sizes of Media - UPC-21L and UPC-21S

View the UP-D21MD PDF Brochure

Sony UP-D21MD on sale at our online store now - $1000

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