Sonosite 180 Plus Ultrasound

Sonoma Health Products, Inc. sells the Sonosite 180 ultrasound for your clinic or hospital, including gels and transducers. The Sonosite 180 ultrasound system is a portable, software controlled, ultrasound system, based on an all digital architecture.

The SonoSite 180 brings high-quality digital ultrasound imaging to the point of care, previously not possible because of the size and cost restraints of traditional high-performance ultrasound.

The unit's smaller size and lower price make ultrasound imaging more accessible in settings such as emergency rooms, postoperative environments, Ob/Gyn offices, rural areas, and military deployments.

Using the SonoSite 180, physicians have rapid access to patient information and can bypass expensive ultrasound outsourcing. The product consists of a display unit that houses the system electronics and user interface and a transducer that transmits and receives acoustic energy.

It features cine review, image zoom, labeling, measurement and calculations, image storage and review, printing and recording capabilities.

Sonoma Health Products sells the original Sonosite 180 and C-60 probe for $9,900.

The Sonosite 180HF and Sonosite 180 Plus are also available at very attractive prices.

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Original Sonosite 180 w/C-60 - $9,900
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